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The Safety School Workplace Safety Training

Manager's Safety Briefing


A key element in improving workplace safety in any organisation is fostering a culture where leaders are aware and committed to health and safety initiatives. We have found that managers are usually effective in their key function, but they often don't have an understanding of their obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety legislation.

This workplace safety training course is designed to provide managers and supervisors with an understanding of the key aspects of the NSW Occupational Health and Safety act. Without understanding their health and safety obligations, managers have difficulty implementing effective workplace safety solutions in their workplace.



All employees, especially supervisors, managers, directors, team leaders.


How Much:

This safety briefing is only offered onsite.
Please contact us for a quote.



* Comprehensive training notes


How Long:

Around 3 hours.






On successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.



This course is only conducted in your workplace.
Please contact us for a quote.



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